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kiryoku_circus's Journal

Kiryoku Circus
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Talented? Skilled? Want to travel the world?
Join the Kiryoku Circus family!
Pleasing the audience with your talent and a successful show is always the best reward.
But, the circus life isn’t always amazing.
Before and after the shows, when the audience is no where in sight, that’s when the actual circus life starts.
Rivalries, friendships, hard work, hard life, and a tight knit family where secrets don‘t exist.
There’s no life like the circus life.
Kiryoku Circus

Kiryoku Circus was started in the 1900’s by a family of acrobats in Kyoto, Japan. The family owned circus was loved and praised by the people of Kyoto. Soon, the family set their sights on conquering all of Japan. Performers and people with no talent whatsoever came from all over Japan to be part of the rising circus.

Ever since then, the circus has traveled all of Japan entertaining audiences with it’s amazing performers. The women and men who first started Kiryoku Circus are all long dead, but the circus is still family owned.

Up until recently, the circus was owned by a man well into his age, who fell into bad health. Upon his death bed, the man left Kiryoku Circus to the last known member of the family, seventeen year old Jyo.


Kiryoku Circus is an AU jrock RP set in present day. Musicians from any other Asian countries are welcome to join as well.


1. Wait to be accepted by a Mod before roleplaying.
2. RESPECT everyone in the community. If there's a problem, let us know.
3. No claiming anyone that's dead. Sorry.
4. Have separate journals for your muses.
5. Have an instant messenger service such as AIM to roleplay.
6. Making entries in the community journal or muse's journal to roleplay is allowed.
7. If the entry is specified to someone, write who it's for in the subject line.
8. Logs taken place through instant messenger or a muse's journal should be posted in the community.
9. Yaoi, yuri, cursing, etc, is allowed in this community. Even though it is allowed, please don't let it center just around that.
10. Put a rating for all of your logs, if they’re NC-17 or somewhere around there, friend’s lock them.
11. Try to be as active as possible, if you’re going to be inactive for a while inform one of the mods or make an entry in your muse's journal or in the community.
12. Only 2 muses are allowed during the first month. A 3rd is allowed the second month..and after that you'll have to talk to one of the mods about more muses and prove you're active with ALL of your muses.

Come one, come all!

Your name:
Muse’s Name:
Muse’s Band/Group/Etc:
Muse’s journal:
Contact (AIM & Email):

(Put the following behind an lj-cut and in your muse’s profile)

Occupation: Performer/Animal Caretaker/Tent Crew/Cook/Driver/Clown/Etc
Skill/Act: (If a performer)
Years Performing: (If a performer)
Physical Description: (Can be a picture)

A serious player is needed to play the 'owner' of the circus. Be positive that it is the position you want for one of your muses and yourself.


Claims List
A List of Some Occupations In the Circus
Map of the Circus Lot
Trailer/Living Arrangements
Circus Schedule
Hiatus/Drop List



vileness/ againstterrors/AIM: a holy terrors
surmise/ pyro_dancer/AIM: bloodxmistr3ss